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Check out my synthetic urine reviews. I have tested the best synthetic urine brands on the market. I know which fake pee works for drug test and which doesn't.

best synthetic urine reviews

Posted on June 23 2017 in synthetic urine reviews, best synthetic urine, fake urine, fake pee

best synthetic urine reviews

If you are looking for good, legit synthetic urine reviews, then amazon is probably the worst place for that. Most fake urine reviews are done by paid users or they are simply fake. Do not purchase synthetic urine for drug test based on amazon reviews.

What are the best synthetic urine brands for drug test?

Based on my experience and research the best synthetic urine bands are :

Sub Solution synthetic urine review

Sub Solution, the latest version of Quick Fix Synthetic urine and Monkey Whizz. Sub Solution is probably the best synthetic urine in 2017, it comes with all the essential chemicals, looks and smells like real human urine.Every other fake urine brand is just weak imitation. The only downside of Sub Solution is its not available in smoke shops and only one website sell it.

Second Best Synthetic urine

Second one is called Quick Fix. Its widely available, probably the most popular synthetic urine on the market. Unless your urine will be sent to the lab Quick Fix will do the job, but in the lab, there are chances that it will be detected. Thats why I recommend sub solution because its undetecteable, unless your employer pays for the most expensive, super complex urine drug test..but its extremely rare. Quick Fix just like Monkey whizz and Sub Solution comes with uric acid and urea. These two are the most important components of synthetic urine.

What are the worst synthetic urine brands? Fake urine for drug test what you should avoid.

I am not sure which one is the worst synthetic urine for drug test, but I know there are a lot of super low quality fake urine brands out there. I can't and don't want to name all of them, but here are some what I actually tried (on drug test) and they all failed:
U pass synthetic urine,Magnum,X stream synthetic,Agent x, urine luck and Clean stream synthetic urine.

These are really bad quality synthetic urine brands, but thanks to the great marketing and tons of fake synthetic urine reviews, some of these products are quite popular. Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying you will fail your drug test 100% sure with these brands, but I would never risk my job or my freedom just to save 20$.

These fake urine brands are still better than submitting dirty urine sample  (after doing exercise&detox), but if you can do not purchase these brands, even if some says it works.
if your urine sample will be sent to the lab these fake pees will most likely fail.

Do not fall for synthetic urine reviews claiming U pass in the best synthetic urine on the market, its fake, just a paid advertisment. Other reason why you should buy synthetic urine (and other detox products) from trusted source is because synthetic urine just like every other product can go bad. Quick Fix might be cheap on amazon, but what if its expired already? What if its fake? What if the bottle is filled with another brand of synthetic urine? What if its not the latest 6.1 formula and it doesn't contains uric acid and urea?

Mark my word guys and always shop from trusted source. For more detailed synthetic urine reviews visit : exit-5.info